Sell your business now or prepare it to sell for maximum profit later!

“I help business owners with revenues between $1 Million and $10 Million successfully navigate their way through the process of growing and selling their business now, or in the future”


With over 30 years of experience, I can help you bridge the gap from where you are and where you want to be. As a certified business broker, I’ll confidentially sell your business for the highest price possible!

As a business coach and business owner, I’ll teach you how to increase the value of their business and create a company that runs well with or without you. I’ve successfully done it myself, and I would love to teach you!

At some point every business owner will face the decision to exit their business — whether it’s selling the business now or in the future, or through succession to the next generation.  As a Certified Business Broker, I can help you to successfully sell your business for maximum profit or help you develop and execute an effective exit planning strategy.

Business Coaching / Business Consulting 
Create A Business That Runs Well Without You


Many business owners are stuck and aren’t sure how to take their businesses to the next level. I teach business owners a proven system to run their businesses seamlessly; even when they’re on vacation.


“Working with Wayne was an honor and pleasure all in itself. He is a gentleman of strong integrity and business sense. Having owned his own business, he is very skilled and creditable in coaching others to help grow their business. He knows what questions to ask and how to create a genuine connection to ensure a positive uplifting experience. If you are struggling to get your business moving in motion, I sincerely recommend Wayne as your Professional Business Coach or Business Broker. He can Help you sell or buy a business in the most efficient manner possible.”

Kevin Coates

Business Owner

“Reading this, you likely know that an entrepreneur’s journey to success is full of unanticipated turns (known as learning opportunities) or states of being out of flow (felt as “creator’s block”). When I was experiencing both, I reached out to Wayne to get the creativity flowing again. I was fortunate to have done so! I opened myself to Wayne’s point of view and reflections on his own business ventures and how he helped his clients flourish. He openly shared strategies he knew had positive results. I was drawn to how he helped people with a passion for their work and his wisdom came from a desire to see his clients reach their highest potential. He truly works and shares from his heart- the key to entrepreneurial success. It was a pleasure working with Wayne and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to achieve their business goals.”

Jennifer Lampman


“I had the pleasure of working with Wayne on a recent business acquisition where he was representing the seller. From my initial contact with Wayne it was extremely clear to me that he was honest, thorough and 100% focused on providing exceptional service and communications. Buying and selling a business is an emotional roller coaster and requires patience, understanding and experience and this is what I experienced during each and every contact I had with Wayne. If you are considering selling or buying a business or are in need of one on one consultation or coaching then you truly could not be in better hands by reaching out and engaging Wayne’s services.”

Simon Glanville

Business Buyer



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