About Wayne

Hi, I am Wayne Wright and I’m both a business broker and a business coach. I help clients confidentially sell their companies now or prepare them to sell for maximum profit later. It is a perfect marriage!

I built and sold a very profitable 7-figure business that allowed me to vacation for 3+ months out of the year.  9 years later I sold my company to help fellow entrepreneurs experience the same level of freedom and profit that’s hiding inside their business.

My journey wasn’t easy. The recession nearly put me out of business. I was stuck. I needed to grow, but I was so wrapped up in the day-to-day chaos I couldn’t figure out how to get to the next level. After years of struggling, I finally figured it out.

I was earning more than I could ever have imagined while my business ran on autopilot. My seamless system reduced my operating costs, increased my profits by 500%, and provided all the checks and balances I needed to feel confident going on vacation.

I understand both, the buy and sell side of business transactions and I have owned, ran and sold a variety of businesses throughout the years.

Buying or selling a business is a once in a lifetime event for most people, and as a business broker, I help navigate selling your business and make the process as painless as possible.

My niche is selling Main Street businesses with annual revenues from just under $1 Mil. to Lower Middle Market businesses with revenues up to about $10 Mil.

I am very familiar with selling local businesses in Colorado as I have been conducting business here since 1996. I can sell your business for the highest price possible while keeping strict confidentiality.

As a business intermediary, I walk buyers and sellers through the process and allow business owners to continue to run their business as usual while I handle the buyer vetting process and negotiations.

I’ll initially analyze your company’s financials to find a Most Probable Selling Price, then professionally and confidentially market your business. I’ll hold your hand through the process from the first interest of the buyer, to bringing both buyers and you together to look at the merits of the business and its future earning potential. I’ll walk you all the way through the process to closing and transfer of ownership.

As a Business Coach, I help my clients improve their companies value over time to either keep or sell.  If you do not want to sell your business currently, let me teach you the lessons I learned from a variety of coaches throughout the years and in running and selling a successful business myself. I can teach you how to semi-retire and create a business that runs well with or without you.

I thrive on solving problems, and making things happen. As a business broker, I am constantly overcoming obstacles and working things out between buyers and sellers.

If you are interested in learning how our System can increase the value of your business to keep or to sell confidentially, and for the highest price possible, then schedule a call with me by filling out our free consultation form or call me directly at 720-436-1472.