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Business Exit Planning

  Business Exit Planning   A Business Exit Planning Disconnect There is a huge disconnect when it comes to business owners that want to retire comfortably or move on, and those that have considered business exit planning and have put an exit plan together on...

What Does a Business Broker do?

Should I hire a Business Broker? Throughout the years, I've been asked many times "what exactly does a business broker do"? A business broker or Business Intermediary is quite simply a professional that is trained to help individuals or companies buy and sell...

Selling Your Business

Thinking of Selling Your Business? Not showing the true earning power of your business on your tax returns and thinking of selling your business now? When it comes to selling your business and getting the valuation your business deserves, it doesn’t pay to cheat...

Is it Time to Sell my Company?

Is it Time to Sell my Company? Many business owners today are asking themselves is it time to sell my company? Only you know when your gut tells you "it's time to sell my company". Transaction activity: As we are still awaiting the Q2 2019 Pepperdine Graziadio...

I Think I Want To Sell My Company?

Sell my company? I remember sitting in my office of the last company I owned and feeling so blessed about how much we accomplished since 2008 when the great recession hit us so hard that we almost lost everything. I was reflecting on what we had accomplished the last...

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